eXp Realty: No Royalty Fees. No Franchise Fees. No Desk Fees. No Crazy Splits! 

What are the costs for being an agent at eXp Realty?

You will receive an 80% split to you - up to a cap of $16,000 per anniversary year - then all commissions are paid to you at 100% for the rest of the year! Agents on teams may qualify for an even lower annual cap of $8,000 or as low as $4,000. Contact us for more information on team caps.

That's right - everyone is on the same split. No inside deals. No special treatment. No wondering what your split is going to be next year. No negotiating your split with your manager every December. Complete transparency!  

eXp's 80/20 split puts more money in your pocket right away regardless of your production history. In many brokerages, you almost have to become a lobbyist, or have been with the company for a really long time and at high production levels, in order to get 80% of earned commission. Not at eXp Realty. You’re a partner and you’re treated as such from the start.

The $16,000 annual cap saves you money right away! Most agents pay their brokerages a lot more than $16,000 and without the value that an international company like eXp provides.

What are the other fees and costs?

They're very minimal. Everything is listed below - there are no other hidden fees:

  • $149 one time Start up fee (includes first month of Cloud Brokerage Fee)
  • $85/month - Cloud Brokerage Fee (includes Cloud Campus, access to all training, KvCore CRM) - this starts in your 2nd month as the startup fee covers the first month
  • $25 per transaction - Broker Review Fee
  • $40 per transaction - Risk Management Fee (what you might call E&O insurance). Up to a maximum of $500 per year. eXp Realty does not charge an annual E&O fee like many traditional companies. Pay as you go!
  • $250 per transaction - Capped Transaction Fee. Up to a maximum of $5,000 per year. This fee only applies after an associate caps at $16,000. Once an associate reaches $5,000 in capped transaction fees, the fee is reduced to only $75 per transaction! Many brokers charge their associates (and in turn the clients of associates) a $400-$500 admin fee per transaction without a limit. You and your clients save by working with eXp Realty, and you can cover your transaction fees by charging them to your clients.

Work at eXp for FREE

Agents who cap at eXp have the opportunity to have their entire $16,000 cap credited back to them in eXp stock. You read that right... it's possible to work at eXp for free. Between eXp's stock award program, discounted stock purchase program (you have the opportunity to optionally purchase eXp's publicly traded stock through your closings at a 10% discount), and revenue sharing model that rewards agents who attract other agents to the company, you get the opportunity to work at a company that pays you more than you pay the company, while building long term wealth through additional passive and active streams of income that are simply unavailable at other companies.

If you have more questions about how the fees work, please book a call with a Thrive team member using the link at the top of this page.