Navigating in Uncertain Times - a free Webinar by some of real estate's top trainers

The Coronavirus isn't going anywhere any time soon. Learn how to adjust your business to succeed in these uncertain times.

Join us March 20th to learn how you can manage through Corona-specific challenges - including where should you spend your time and money right now

Learn how to win in the new paradigm from real estate experts Sean Goerss and Jim Gray.

What you'll learn:

How to deal with Corona-specific challenges

  • Practical scripts you can use to keep your buyers and sellers calm and moving forward 
  • Discussion of how to use virtual tools to keep your clients engaged - virtual tours, offers, closings, live streams
  • How to identify and help clients who need to move forward in a buy or a sell
  • Tools to help uncertain clients move forward in the buy/sell process in preparation for post-corona transactions

Where should you spend your time and money right now

  • How you should spend your time to move your business forward and help your clients
  • What tools/services will have the best returns right now
  • How to quickly eliminate unnecessary expenses
  • How to get more moves out of fewer leads
  • What tools/services are a waste of time and money right now, so you can cancel them and put your time and $$ where it will have the best return


Sean Goerss

Sean is most recently the CEO and Founder of 14 Moves, one of the top 15 teams in the United States, formerly with Keller Williams. Sean grew up in real estate, helping to build the family real estate team to the top of the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota market, and eventually the top team in Minnesota and the Midwest.  

Sean has been a member of Gary Keller's Private Mastermind Group, a KW MAPS Coach, and a nationally-booked real estate trainer, and expert advisor on real estate tech and strategy. Sean has personally studied under some of the most notable coaches in the industry, including Tony DiCello, Abe Shreve, and Dianna Kokoczka. 14 Moves closed over 613 units for $172 Million in Volume and $4.83 Million GCI in 2019, ranking the organization #13 in the world of KW Expansion.

Sean, his wife, Maren, and their 4 children call St. Paul, Minnesota home. Sean enjoys time with his family, all things tech, traveling, and building big businesses to fund people's "big why".


Jim Gray

Jim is, most recently, the Director of Lead Generation for 14 Moves International and is directly responsible for generating over 7,258 inbound buyer and seller leads in the last year and designing agent production processes that fueled the  612 closings and over $4 million in GCI in the 14 Moves International Team network. Additionally, Jim was a MAPs coach, coaching dozens of agents and teams across the country all while running his own real estate team that consistently ranked in the top 1.5% of all agents and teams in his Upstate New York  market.